Friday, January 6, 2012


Q: What’s your name?
A: Alison Hurt
Q: Hometown?
A: Currently live in Newport, Ky.
Q: What’s your occupation?
A: Vintage Store Co-Owner, as well as an employee of 'Fit Bodies, Inc.' (Data entry, and Fitness Wear

Q: How did you get started in your field? (i.e. how'd you get your shop up and running and where did
the idea come from?)
A: When my Grandma passed away a year ago, I received a small amount of money; which I was
determined to spend on starting a small, local business that would make her proud. I actually found the
store front first, which was already painted, and complete with clothing racks. This immediately sparked
the idea of a small vintage store. Yes, I had a small sum of money, but desperately needed a partner
to actually make it happen. The idea alone was exhilarating, but also horrifying. I went back and forth
constantly! A couple nights after finding the empty store front, I was mulling over my partner options
with a friend (a friend who I didn't think would EVER be interested in my idea). At the end of my very
long winded one sided conversation, she said, "I'd be interested", and the heavens opened up! Long
story short, we had a couple more drinks, and decided by the end of the night that if the rent was low
enough, we would do it! A whirlwind of a month later, we opened our store, "Oh! Darling Vintage". I
won't go into details, but owning a business, no matter how small, is HARD work. With that being said-
it's pretty awesome too :).
Q: Wow what an incredible story! Thank you so much for sharing that. It’s something like the American
Dream, i.e. “you can do a lot with a little” or “if you can dream it you can be it”. So tell me, how would
you describe your style?
A: Thrift & Vintage. I love to create new looks and outfits constantly.

Q: And what’s your current obsession?
A: Sewing & guitar.
Q: I always wished I could play guitar! Can you complete this sentence,“ when I was 13…”
A: When I was 13, you could find me in my finest dog collar, fishnet stockings, baby doll dresses, combat
boots, and loads of ridiculous makeup.
Q: I’ve always believed that (stylistically speaking) the boldest youth have the most artistic potential.
You’ve clearly proven this theory to be correct! So tell me, what is the # 1 item you covet most in your
closet and why?
A: My mom's 1970's White leather Motorcycle jacket.  She only kept a few thrifted treasures from her youth, which adds to the 'special' factor of the jacket.  Plus, it's leather so I know I will be able to wear/keep it for the rest of my life.  I know when I'm older I'll be so glad to have a wearable heirloom that connected us (even if it is just style).  :)

Q: Where do you draw your style inspiration from?
A: Everywhere! Movies, music, my mood at the moment.
Q: What is your musical taste?
A: I'm a rocker all the way (old & new); as well as a connoisseur of female fronted bands. Some of my
favorites are: Scout Niblett, Pj Harvey, Juliana Hatfield, the Lemonheads, Built to Spill, Bowie, Neil
Young, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen, Frank Zappa, the Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel,
Peggy Lee, Patti Smith, so, so many...
Q: I wish I could say I knew half of those but I’m knee deep in the R&B/electronic/ experimental game.
I’ll have to look up those bands! Is there anything special you’d like the readers to know?
A: Wear what excites you!
Q: I couldn’t agree more! Thanks so much Ally for guest starring on Zapora Strange!

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