Friday, December 30, 2011


Please welcome special guest: Photographer Yassine El Mansouri

One chilly afternoon I was surfing the Internet looking for a bit of inspiration when I happened upon Yassine's blog. What a treasure! Feeling quite fortunate to have found something so wonderful I vowed I would do more than simply view his photos.  So here, now I compell you to enjoy the photography that I have enjoyed, I encourage you to get to know Yassine...

Q: "What's your full name?"
A:"Yassine El Mansouri"

Q: "Where are you from?"
A: "I'm from Morocco, and live now in Arlington VA,  DC metro area"
Q: "How did you get started?"
A: "How did I get started! Well as a kid in Morocco my father had a small darkroom that he improvised between two closest. I used to spend time watching him develop pictures of me and my sister. It was one of his hobbies. Then around teenage hood I picked up one of the cameras he left behind, and started taking pictures of my sister, friends skateboarders."

Q: "What inspires your photography/style?"
A: "What inspires me!  Light, light, lights, the way we live. Life, solitude, people as they are, and the forgotten beauty"

To see more of Yassine's work visit: or

Thursday, December 29, 2011



You know who that is. No, you know. It's Frida Kahlo ya'll.  I can't believe these bad boys are only 8 bucks. That's way too good to be true...but it is in fact true.

Visit Footwear Etc for more crazy hot sox.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Best artist from my youth= Sarah Mclachlan. I totally forgot about her until 2 seconds ago. Oh my gosh Sarah, you got me through my formative years. I am forever indebted.



Yea man.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Great Lake Swimmers-"Everything Is Moving So Fast"

First time I heard the Great Lake Swimmers was in Season 3 of Weeds (great show!).  I just stumbled across this youtube video like 5 minutes ago, I thought it might be rude not to share. Merry Christmas Eve.

"Everything is moving so fast, I am unlimited"
-Great Lake Swimmers

Friday, December 23, 2011


Z: Do kindly tell me your name.
S: Soraya.
Z: Hmm cool name. Hometown?
S: Phillyburbs (Doylestown, PA).
Z: Current occupation?
S: Hmm…still figuring that one out.
Z: I heard that, aren’t we all? Can you describe your style?
S: Schizophrenic for sure. It's a mash up of grungy-12 year old prep school boy-ethnic-layered-flirty-grandma/grandpa-MySoCalledLife. I'm just all over the place really. I pretty much just dress how I feel and in accordance to what inspires me at that particular moment.

Z: What’s you’re current obsession?
S: Dapper British boys. Le sigh <3.
Z: Is “Le Sigh” something you just made up?
S: Hahaha yep
Z: Hahaha, I love it! You should work for Urban Dictionary.
S: Dream job 2012.
Z: Ah yes. Haha, I digress, what was your wardrobe like when you were 13?
S: There were these pair of Tommy Hilfiger overalls that I LIVED in, also ridiculous platform shoes. Spice Girls were a big deal back then haha. I also had a pair of keds in almost every color with matching biker shorts. I loved lots of vibrant color, which is funny because I find my wardrobe now to consist of a very neutral palette.

Z: What’s the # 1 item you most covet in your closet and why? 
S: Probably my collection of men's shirts. I love men's button downs from chambray to plaid. I always layer with them and just toss them over an outfit to give it a more laid back, effortless look.
Z: Yes I see, sophisticated grandfather meets relaxed plaid enthusiast, has a baby and gives birth to your style…delectable indeed. Where do you draw your style inspiration from?
S: Street style mostly. I feel like fashion itself can become a bit redundant. But looking at my surroundings and how people adapt fashion and personalize it to be their own is something that I really love to observe, as well as all things circa the 90's.
Z: Very important question: what is your musical taste?
S: A little dash of everything. Music is something I got into at a very young age. It's my first love. Currently I'm listening to the new Black Keys and Roots albums. I also can't stop listening to SBTRKT, Theophilus London, and the TLC station on Pandora radio which is just loaded with bangin’ throwbacks.
Z: Nice answers! I heart Theophilus London. Is there anything special you’d like my readers to know?
S: Pay it forward. Be inspired and pass it along to others!
Z: Amen to that. Thanks for joining us Soraya!

To experience more of Soraya’s style and taste visit her blog at


Zapora Strange has a new feature! 
Every Friday I will feature a special guest on my blog. You can expect to find:

                                                                       -Fashion Bloggers
                                                                       -And more (oh la la)

THIS AFTERNOON Look for my very 1st special guest, Soraya! (oh my gosh I'm so excited, are you? I know you are don't lie, don't lie!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Mockery. Pure, tasteful mockery. A friend of mine passed these photos on to me. Try not to laugh. No try.

I'm sure you've all heard about the recent passing of North Korea's "dear leader" Kim Jong-Il. If you're looking to shed some light on the whole North Korea situation (starvation, poverty, brainwashing etc.) a good documentary to watch is, "National Geographic: Inside North Korea".

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


{All photography, styling, and artwork/editing by Zapora Strange}

30 Day Hat Challenge Day 2: Nautical navy straw hat with white detailing.


Today's the first day of Hanukkah! That means we're 4 days away from Christmas. My co-worker made peppermint bark and it looked so delicious I asked her for the recipe.  From her recipe I created my own vegan/ gluten free/ mostly organic version.  Happy holidays everyone, enjoy this sweet holiday treat!

DIRECTIONS-Melt the semi sweet chips in a double boiler, add some 2 drops of essential oil peppermint extract and stir.
-When mixture is completely melted spread over a tray covered in tin foil.  -Put the tray in the refrigerator for approx 1 hour or until it hardens.
-Melt the white chocolate a double broiler and add in 2 drops of essential oil peppermint extract and stir until mixture has melted completely.
-Spread the melted peppermint white chocolate on top of the semi-sweet hardened chocolate.
-Crush 1 cup of peppermint candy.
-Before the pepperminty white chocolate hardens sprinkle the crushed peppermint candy on top and press in so that it sticks.-Refrigerate for about 1 hour or completely hardened and then break up and enjoy!