Monday, January 16, 2012



Day 1: What to Expect

EXPECT TO FEEL TERRIBLE! Haha. No. I'm not kidding. Expect to experience some flu like symptoms as your body is beginning to expel toxins.

What I'm Experiencing

-Today I had a splitting head ache for a couple hours (remember you can't take any pain relievers so I just had to grin and bear it). 

-Extreme chills (the room I was in was 71 degrees but I had to wear my winter coat and a blanket. Yea people at work think I'm crazy, like who brings a blanket to work?  Me!)

-Hunger. Yes even though I am "eating" every two hours I have the intense desire to chew something.  I almost attacked my co-workers lunch. I'm hungry!  I expect to be very hungry for the next two days.  My body's in shock right now and it's just trying to figure out why I'm feeding it only liquids. After two to three days it will catch up and begin to accept that it will only be receiving juice as its sole source of nutrients (slow poke).

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