Sunday, January 22, 2012


I decided to end my juice fast today due to health reasons. I had 7 awesome days of just juice and I feel wonderful now! Wonder what my first meal's gonna be? Check back tomorrow and just maybe I'll share my secret vegan Philly cheese steak recipe with you.  Oops, did I just say that? Slip of the lip.

Please enjoy my last juicing recipe (never fear for it is certainly not the least)


4 Slices (wedges, whatever) of watermelon
1 Golden Delicious apple
1 Fresh sprig of mint
1/2 Lime

Juice watermelon first, then apple, juice mint sprig stem and all or grind and add to drink afterwards. Once finished juicing strain, if desired, and add fresh squeezed lime. Garnish with lime and mint and enjoy! Yum yum yum. Don't forget where you heard it first!

Serves 1

"The finale feels like victory, so I wear black"


Wool black hooded jacket- H&M
Sunglasses- American Apparel
Leopard Print Button Down- Thrift Shop
Black Cardigan- Permanently stole from my sisters closet (it's okay, she'll never know...unless she reads my   blog. Hmmmm....)
Navy Blue Leather with Gold buckle- Gift from cousin
Super Long Silk Black Skirt - Thrift shop
Black leather loafers- Thrift shop
Timex watch - Best gift ever, from the Bffl
Leopard print telephone cord scrunchy- My co-worker was wearing it on her wrist and I just stared her down and kept saying, "I like that leopard print thingy. I really like that leopard print thing. What is that?  I like that" Until she gave it to me. Works every time. She bought it in China, where she used to live.
Gold Urn Necklace- Etsy. The necklace holds my dog, Teffra's ashes.  I get strange complements on this necklace because it's an abstract looking piece, and then when I tell people what's in it it's an automatic conversation killer. Automatic. Works every time.


"We Almost Lost Detroit"-Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

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