Friday, January 13, 2012


Z: What is your name?

J:  Jasmine Smith.

Z: Where is your hometown?

J: I was born in Washington DC, but I was raised in Maryland.

Z: It's kind of funny how Washington DC and Maryland are two different entities even though they share the same space.

J: Yea because DC doesn’t count as a state, it's weird.

Z: What is your profession or occupation, that is what do you perceive yourself to be?

J: Well to pay the bills I am a claims adjustment agent at AAA but my true passion is creating, painting, and exploring materials.

Z: I think a lot of us artists have alternative jobs in order to pay the bills, at least for now.  How did you get started in your field?

J: I went to school for interior design and growing up I was always into building things and being creative.  I graduated college I was so used to having my creativity controlled and forced into a format, to a certain degree. I hadn't painted in a while so I bought some paint and just went for it!

Z: When did you begin to pursue painting as a career?

 J: What really made me explore my art more seriously was when I was encouraged to have display my art in a local Starbucks.  From there I got good feedback and was able to land my first commission.  Once I realized that people liked and respected my work I began to seriously pursue painting as a career.

Z: That must have been rewarding!

J: It was nice to be encouraged!  If that hadn't have happened painting would have been something I just did for myself which it still is but now I can turn my painting into a tool for something bigger. I really like to create, and I look forward to painting on bigger canvases.

Z: What is your dream?
J: Im not quite sure what my dream is as of right now but I know it will involve using my art and creativity as a tool to bring people together, and to spark something in someone else. Maybe someone who is searching for that outlet to keep them sane or even their dream.

Z:  That's a really excellent answer, truly relatable on every creative level.  How would you describe your artistic style?

J:  My paint style varies. I would say overall my painting style is abstract. I have two different kinds of strokes; one is all about balance and placement of color, and layering, which is more geometric and more controlled. The second is more spontaneous, like free brush strokes that play more with contrast and pops of color (but still planned, although free).

Z:  Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

J: From different colors, patterns, and combinations.  I pay attention to the color of people's wallets, skirts, shirts, and everyday patterns.  I also draw inspiration from however I feel at that time, I allow my emotions to help me pick which path I want to go on with my art.

Z: Hmmm. How has art changed your life?

J: Art has changed my life by giving me direction. I wouldn't even know where to start on any type of path if it wasn't for art. Ive always enjoyed creating things.

Z: Yes! Keep feeding me the truth!  Complete this sentence, "I believe in..."

J:  I believe in letting your imagination run free and not being afraid to create your wildest dream.

Z: Hmmm.  What is your current obsession?

J:  That's a tough one, I feel pretty even right now.  I would say one of my obsessions are sweatshirts and candles.  It's so random, but buying really cute sweatshirts and candles is what I'm really obsessed with...that and music of course because music is always my obsession.

Z: Wow, could you just repeat that last line, "music is always my obsession".  I think I'm gonna get that tattooed somewhere.  Does music affect your art?

J:  Definitely!  Music is how I cope and deal with life so it affects me, which affects my art. A lot of times music will inspire me to work.  It impacts me by motivating me to continue to create.

Z: Is there anything special you’d like the readers and or world to know? 

J:  I would tell them to, "Not put your imagination in a box and to create with your whole heart!"

Z:  What are you looking to do in the near future, let's say within the next 6 months?

J: Within the next 6 months I want to move forward independently with my art.  I want to push my art further without losing momentum. I want to do more custom art, accent walls for interiors, and continue to relate different pallets to different canvases. 

Z: I look forward to experiencing more of your art! Jasmine thank you so much for sharing your work on Zapora-Strange.

If you'd like to learn more about Jasmine Smith visit her website at:

Jasmine's blog:  Coming soon!

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