Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I know the question you're just dying to ask is, "What tea is she drinking?"  Ultra spiced chai! I used to hate chai, but then I got over it. Thank goodness! 

This sweater is fun because people always want to touch it.  I showed this sweater to the embroidery technician at my job and she was really excited about it. Of course being the textile-embroidery-technician-type she reached out and touched the embroidery on my sweater and actually poked me in the boob (so typical of that type).  Now, this particular scenario would have been awkward for  the average lady but I happen to have an exceptionally boyish figure.  Long story short she didn't even notice the whole boob poking indecent even went down. So, akward for me, but not for her.  


Happy Wednesday biznotches. 
(You guessed it, that's a euphemism. I can't say the actual word, that would be wrong [and it kind of hurts my mind], so I've gotta hide it amongst other letters.  You know, I'm just letting you have a little fun.  Like "Where is Waldo" type of fun).

Tea & Super Heroes Look 
Super Heroes Sweater- Thrift Shop
Reading Glasses- Walmart (whoody-whoo!)
Blue Beaded Glasses Chain- Guatamala
White Dress Shirt- Snagged from my sister's closet like 2 years ago so I'm pretty sure she doesn't miss it lucky for me
Black Blazer- Thrift shop
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans- TJ Maxx
Black Leather Loafers- Thrift Shop

Black Rice- Women
"Everything tastes right, permanent daylight"


  1. your sweater is so nice!
    Brings outs my childish side!

  2. Love the outfit and your writing style! :)

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  4. Cute Outfit!

    I have to confess; I found the creepers at Forever21 (gasp) in Chicago. They are actually pretty awesome, so I couldn't resist (even if they aren't real!). Plus, they are cheap, so def faux leather. I don't know if they are on the website, but you should check for sure- I like them alot. Also, THANKS again for the interview, it was fun :).