Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Life After Teff Look
Gray Wool Hat- Vintage, gift
Sunglasses- American Apparel
Hulk Tee- Thrift Shop
Gray Cardigan- American Apparel
Gold Pin- Thrift Shop
Gold Watch- Timex, gift
Black Dress (worn as skirt)- Thrift shop
Vintage Leather Brief Case- Coach
Life After Teff Spirit Stick- by hand painted Zapora Strange

"Life After Tef" is a project I've been working on since the death of my companion of 14 years, Teffra.  After she died I began collecting and painting the dead sticks from the ground around the pine trees she used to sit under.  For me painting these sticks is a very spiritual and emotional journey towards healing.

Life After Tef is grief art.  It is the exploration of the idea that beauty and color can be manifested from death and pain. It is also an exploration of what life after death really means. 

Painting these sticks is a representation of bringing life back to something that was once dead. Adding color to someplace where there otherwise would not be.

This is a work in progress, I expect to paint over a 100 sticks.
Keep an eye out for more "Life After Tef" artwork.

January 8th 1997-May 7th 2011

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