Sunday, February 19, 2012


"I want you to pray for me, 
pray that my chest is filled with glowing light
and that goodness surrounds me..." 
 (Painter and my College Professor)


Hair Bow: Thrift Shop
Cross Earring: Self Made
Hoop Earring: Found object
Rings: (from left to right) 1.)H&M 2.)Gift from room mate 3.)Local health food store
Watch: Timex, gift from the best
Bracelets: Elephant nails, gift from Madagascan missionaries (My family often has missionaries and other such travelers stay at our house, as a result we get a lot of cool gifts. This one is kind of weird and that's why I love it!)
Bag: Hand embroidered bag from Guatemala. Gift from friends.
Striped Shirt: Thrift shop
Pants: American Apparel
Heels: Dolce Vida


  1. The pants! The shoes!! The purse!!! I love everything about this outfit!
    And it was so lovely to talk to you! <3

  2. All I can say is... I love you. You stay killing'em!