Monday, December 12, 2011


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How can I be a vegan and LOVE fur and leather let alone an entire taxidermied animal plastered on a purse? (ooo ouch, sounds so tasteless when you put it like that)
Aren't Vegans supposed to be peaceful, anti-slaughter, beings?
-I guess so.
How could you buy that?
-How couldn't I?!

What it comes down to are you're personal convictions.
I can recon with wearing animal products if they're second hand.  Wearing 2nd hand fur, leather etc is a way of celebrating that animals life, it's a way to pay homage.  1st hand fur makes me feel like I had a personal role in that animals death. How do you see it?

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  1. Hi! I'm vegan too, and secondhand leather/fur is a hard subject. Since opening the shop, I've had to become a little more lax with my opinions... Some good food for thought on the subject is: the animal already suffered, decades ago, so why waste that animals life further. When it comes to new fur & leather, obviously I am extremely opposed. I only have a couple items that are vintage leather (a 70's jacket from my mother, and a pair of boots that were a gift), but only because they have meaning to me. I'm still pretty far from ever wearing vintage fur though- I just can't get used to the idea. -end rant- :)

    <3 Love that your vegan too, ally.