Friday, December 23, 2011


Z: Do kindly tell me your name.
S: Soraya.
Z: Hmm cool name. Hometown?
S: Phillyburbs (Doylestown, PA).
Z: Current occupation?
S: Hmm…still figuring that one out.
Z: I heard that, aren’t we all? Can you describe your style?
S: Schizophrenic for sure. It's a mash up of grungy-12 year old prep school boy-ethnic-layered-flirty-grandma/grandpa-MySoCalledLife. I'm just all over the place really. I pretty much just dress how I feel and in accordance to what inspires me at that particular moment.

Z: What’s you’re current obsession?
S: Dapper British boys. Le sigh <3.
Z: Is “Le Sigh” something you just made up?
S: Hahaha yep
Z: Hahaha, I love it! You should work for Urban Dictionary.
S: Dream job 2012.
Z: Ah yes. Haha, I digress, what was your wardrobe like when you were 13?
S: There were these pair of Tommy Hilfiger overalls that I LIVED in, also ridiculous platform shoes. Spice Girls were a big deal back then haha. I also had a pair of keds in almost every color with matching biker shorts. I loved lots of vibrant color, which is funny because I find my wardrobe now to consist of a very neutral palette.

Z: What’s the # 1 item you most covet in your closet and why? 
S: Probably my collection of men's shirts. I love men's button downs from chambray to plaid. I always layer with them and just toss them over an outfit to give it a more laid back, effortless look.
Z: Yes I see, sophisticated grandfather meets relaxed plaid enthusiast, has a baby and gives birth to your style…delectable indeed. Where do you draw your style inspiration from?
S: Street style mostly. I feel like fashion itself can become a bit redundant. But looking at my surroundings and how people adapt fashion and personalize it to be their own is something that I really love to observe, as well as all things circa the 90's.
Z: Very important question: what is your musical taste?
S: A little dash of everything. Music is something I got into at a very young age. It's my first love. Currently I'm listening to the new Black Keys and Roots albums. I also can't stop listening to SBTRKT, Theophilus London, and the TLC station on Pandora radio which is just loaded with bangin’ throwbacks.
Z: Nice answers! I heart Theophilus London. Is there anything special you’d like my readers to know?
S: Pay it forward. Be inspired and pass it along to others!
Z: Amen to that. Thanks for joining us Soraya!

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