Thursday, March 29, 2012


When I was younger my home schooled friends used to call me, "Scary Spice"...I guess 'cuz I have big hair and I'm black?  They were fairly to moderately ignorant on matters of race.  But I forgive them.

Just in case your wondering I was home schooled for 14 years. Yup. Fun little fact.

How to get this look:

                                            Kente Clothe Bow Tie: Self Made
                                            Blue Rock Necklace: Consignment
                                            Looney Tunes Denim Button Down: Thrift
                                            Gold Watch: Gift from the Bf
                                            Wooden Bracelets: From Africa, gift from a cousin
                                            Dark Wash Denim Skinny Jeans: TJ Maxx
                                            Black Combat Boots: TJ Maxx
                                            Super Messy Big Hair: Don't take care of your hair ever and you've
                                            got this look. Done.

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  1. You are so photogenic! Ever wonder how you would have turn out if you did public school? :)