Monday, November 14, 2011


 {all photos by Zapora Strange. Chistopher Kane image via}

Thrift Shopping (or Treasure Hunting)!
 Unique New York, say it with me! Unique New York, Unique New York that's a tongue twister.  I spent the weekend thrift shopping par usual.  I went to an enormous thrift store in Brooklyn called "Unique" (it's three stories to be exact).  If you don't live near or in NY you will be pleased to hear that there are over 25 Unique Thrift Store locations within the US (click here to see locations--->click).

As tickled as I was that I found such a huge thrift store I was so disappointed with the selection and price.  There's hardly anything on each rack and it's all modern items, very few vintage. Also if you're going to take a trip down to your local Unique bring a couple of $20s cuz honey it 'aint cheap. Items ranges anywhere from $1.99-$50.00 + (expect to pay upwards of $10 each for most items).   I know, major let down right?  I was able to snag a dress, two hats, and a tee for $25 bucks which is way more than I'd like to pay. I used to be able to stuff garbage bags full of clothes and shoes and walk out of a thrift store not having spent more than $20.  Those were the good 'ole days before thrift shopping became so trendy.  I might as well shop at a department store for these prices (cringe).

About The Clothing:
Crazy Pom Pom Shoes: I die.  I made a wish to my fashion god mother (a total figment of my imagination) to shrink those shoes to my size but unfortunately they remained a men's size 12 or 13, it must've been her day off. I almost bought the shoes just to give them to a stranger so I could see someone wearing them. They're like giant pom pom boats. They're so weird, I'm so in love.
Dress: Unknown brand.  I absolutely love this dress it reminds me of growing up in the 90s. It's like goth chic meets fem/floral. 
$ Hats: Unknown brand.  I'm really obsessed with urban style.  Lately I've been drawing my style inspiration from guys who stand on street corners selling crack with their matching sneakers, matching tee, overseized jeans and matching hat.  They're just totally blinged out in fake jewelry, heavy egos, and shallow ideals.  I love it (I hate it, but I love it.) 
Gorilla Shirt(on the left):Unknown brand.  This is going to be a DIY project for sure.  I snagged this bad boy in the kid's section.  When I saw it I immediately flashed back to Christopher Kane's Fall/Winter 2009 gorilla and chimpanzee tee-shirts (on the right). This one is like a really pathetic knock off and that's why I love it. It's such a raving imposture it deserves to be loved.

And that was my weekend! What have you done to inspire?

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