Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Let's play CATCH-UP!

Went to an alumni cocktail hour at my university just to show face (*cough* and network) two weekends ago in Philly. Unsurprisingly I was BOTH under AND overdressed at the same time! (You didn't think that was possible did you? Neither did I!!!).  I mean I'm just never really sure how to present myself...So I wore my sisters leopard print sweater as a turban on my head, glued a red bindi to my forehead,wore way to much jewelry and threw on my boyfriends black tee and a pair of American Apparel men's black dress pants with my favorite black combat boots.  It was so strange seeing people I've worked for and old students and weird, but the cheap red wine helped alot. 

(Annnnd I finally bought a pair of Doc Martens [totally broke the bank])


Super excited about Milo's new track!!!
Milo-"Concerning the Dream Tigers I Have Seen"

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