Monday, October 1, 2012


Visited a special someone in West Virginia a couple months back and bought a huge bag of patches at a bangin' yard sale. (Bangin'. Hmm. That's a funny expression...because I couldn't actually physical bang a yard-sale, I wouldn't make love to a yard or the sale that's happening in the yard....okay. Weird. Anyway)

I bought this jacket at a thrift shop. It used to be this super ugly dark wash.  It was some trashed jacket from Debs or some really tragic department store like that. I bleached the heck out of it and sewed on an actual piece of the American flag...which my dad, who immigrated to America in the 70s, was absolutely horrified by. I was like "Dad, it's okay" and then I put the remainder of the flag on my floor as a rug. 

Anyway this jacket is a work in progress as I am hand sewing and ironing on all the patches. Screw sewing machines! 
No, just kidding. I deeply wish I owned and knew how to operate a sewing machine.

Ok bye.


Been really in CSS lately!
"Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above"-CSS
"You came to show your mad love
you came to tell it's not enough"

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